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The Time & Materials podcast, is a Construction only podcast powered by LiveCosts.com where we sit down with interesting people doing interesting things in construction. These construction experts kindly give us their time so that you can walk away with the ‘tools’ to make better day to day decisions in your construction career.

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Ciaran Brennan

Ciaran Brennan is co-founder & CEO of LiveCosts.com. Ciaran pins the success of LiveCosts down to one key factor, “knowledge of our customer” In his own words, Ciaran explains,

 “We built a solution to a cost management problem that builders & trade contractors face daily. We intimately understand the issue of cost. This is not a problem we have researched and decided to solve, we have lived it, felt in our own companies across Australia, UK & Ireland. We have served in the trenches with our customers, we speak their language, we get it, thankfully our customers are choosing to remove excel and partner with us to grow their business”

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  • Gerry McCaughey of Entreka November 25, 2022
    This week the Time & Materials Podcast is joined by Gerry McCaughey, CEO of Entekra and a visionary in the construction industry for modern methods of construction.  Gerry's father, Brian McCaughey, founded the first Irish modular construction company, and Gerry shares the story of that company through to the modern day. We discuss a lot […]
    Ciaran Brennan
  • Adam Chapman, A.K.A The Heat Geek October 28, 2022
    Adam Chapman, A.K.A the Heat Geek, is a well respected thought leader and influencer in the heating industry across the UK. Adam started in the trades but spotted a gap in the market in the lack of online education and heating resources available to plumbing and heating professionals. In this episode Adam & Ciaran discuss […]
    Ciaran Brennan
  • On the State of Business for Electrical Contractors September 30, 2022
    Alan Wilson is the Managing Director of Select, the trade association for electrical contractors Scotland. Alan shares his deep construction experience working directly with many electrical contractors along with his experience with pushing regulation at government level. Alan & Ciaran discuss the current state of business for electrical contractors along with short to medium term […]
    Ciaran Brennan
  • Impact of Inflation on Construction Contracts | Keith Kelliher of Kelliher & Associates September 23, 2022
    Keith Kelleher is an Accredited Mediator with ADR / Friary Law / CIArb, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor. In this episode of the Time & Materials Podcast Keith and Ciaran drill down into the impacts of COVID on the construction industry including: what contract lessons can […]
    Ciaran Brennan
  • Construction Activity Plummets in July – What’s Going On? August 26, 2022
    Excluding COVID, in July 2022 we saw the sharpest decline in construction activity in Ireland for 10 years. In this episode of the Time & Materials Podcast we dig in to find out what's going on in the construction industry. In this episode Ciaran is joined by Director & Head of Research of BNP Paribas […]
    Ciaran Brennan