Finalists in the inaugural Global ESG Awards announced

iProperty Radio is proud to be the radio partner for the inaugural Global ESG Awards 2024, a EUBIN initiative:

The Global ESG Awards have been established to recognise the ingenuity of PropTech, CleanTech, ConTech and other passionate innovators who have developed ESG solutions for the construction and real estate industry. 

These Awards will be officially announced at MIPIM in Cannes. The Awards presentation will take place at the Grand Auditorium Stage on Tuesday 12th of March 2024 from 16:45-17:45.

The Global ESG Awards are sponsored by PAUL, digitising building technology for energy efficiency, aiming to make buildings climate-neutral through innovative digital solutions:



We are thrilled to announce the 30 companies and individuals who made it to the top 5 in their respective categories (in alphabetical order): 

Compliancy Award: For the best solutions that comply with regulations

1. BuildingMinds – Germany
2. Deepki – France
3. Findable – Norway
4. One Click LCA – Finland
5. Rhino – The Netherlands

EcoBalance Award: For the best solution for climate change & pollution
1. aedifion – Germany
2. dnergy® – Belgium
3. Green City Solutions GmbH– Germany
4. Spectral – The Netherlands
5. wtec – Germany

Aqua Biodiversity Award: For the best solution for water and marine resources + biodiversity and ecosystems
1. Droople – Switzerland
2. Evodrop AG – Switzerland
3. HydroIQ – Kenia
4. Shayp – Belgium
5. WaterStep – United States

Resource Excellence Award: For the best solution for resource use and circular economy
1. Concular – Germany
2. NORNORM – Denmark
3. Solsign – Ireland 🇮🇪
4. TileGreen – Egypt
5. Vizcab – France

CommuniCare Impact Award: For the best solution for affected communities, consumers and end users
1. Aura Labs – Hong Kong
2. Chainels – The Netherlands
3. Mapxus Technology Limited Mapxus – Singapore
4. MClimate – Bulgaria
5. PoiLabs – United Kingdom

ESG Leadership Award: The best corporate ESG personality
1. Aleksandra Njagulj DWS Group – United Kingdom
2. Caroline Tivéus Pandox – Sweden
3. Jens Boehnlein Commerz Real AG – Germany
4. Ludovic CHAMBE CBRE France – France
5. Sunita Van Heers SuReal – Belgium

Best of luck to each of the finalists, we look forward to meeting many of you in Cannes at the presentation event!

*All shortlisted solutions will be compiled in an ebook to share some structured information about the various innovations, for the benefit of the wider industry.

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