Fernando Salmerón’s Spanish Legal Services for Irish People

New Spanish Legal Property Service launched in Ireland to assist Irish Property Owners who bought property in Spain.

Fernando Salmerón, head of Bufete Salmerón, www.bufetesalmeron.com which specialises in banking and property law, based in Seville, Spain is delighted to announce the launch of his Spanish property legal service in Ireland for Irish people who bought property in Spain or are thinking of purchasing property there in the near future.

In particular he has experienced great success in recouping monies through the Spanish Courts for people who invested in overseas property and never received that property and lost their deposit and other monies.

He was recently successful in a case in The Court of First Instance and Instruction No 6 in Valencia which ordered CaixaBank to pay more than 200,000 euros to residents in Bollullos Par del Condado (Huelva), relating to payments made to a developer for the purchase of houses that were never built. See details below.

He was also successful in a case in The Second Instance which ordered Abanca to pay more than 1.900.000 euros to British and Irish clients relating to payments made to a developer for the purchase of houses located in Marbella that were never built.

Fernando Salmerón is now extending his Spanish legal service to Irish people who previously bought properties in Spain or are now interested in buying or selling Spanish properties.

In particular he wants to inform Irish buyers who bought property off plan in Spain which was never built, that legal recourse is now available to them to recoup their deposit monies through the Spanish Courts with his assistance.

He also wants to make Irish people who bought property in Spain aware of floor clauses that were wrongly inserted in their mortgage contracts and that recourse is available to them through the Spanish Courts.

His legal firm also aims to make Irish people aware of multi-currency loans; this is a type of mortgage that allows payment in a currency other than the euro. They are variable interest mortgages in which the interest rate is usually referenced to an index. The Irish customer was not provided with adequate information about the product. The possible consequences of the appreciation or depreciation of the currency, not only on the monthly instalments but also on the outstanding capital, were not explained to the customer by means of simulations in documentary form; no information leaflet was provided on the characteristics and risks of the loan in foreign currency; nor was there any explanation in the mortgage deed itself.

He says “I am launching this property legal service in Ireland because Irish people over many years have invested in Spanish property. This is their opportunity to familiarise themselves with the pros and cons of buying property in Spain and in particular the pitfalls. If an Irish person has had a bad experience where they bought off plan and the property was never built and they lost their deposit, then I can assist them recoup some or all of that lost money with interest through the Spanish Courts”

Irish people interested in finding out more about this property legal service can check out Spanish Lawyer, Fernando Salmerón’s website. www.bufetesalmeron.com