FEMCON Project Publishes First Result: FEMCON INCLUSION REACH & TEACH Toolkit

FEMCON, an innovative vocational education and training project focused on advancing women in the construction industry, is proud to announce the publication of its first result, the FEMCON INCLUSION REACH & TEACH toolkit. This toolkit aims to empower VET educators and construction companies to promote gender equality and inspire positive change within the industry.

FEMCON’s mission is to create a more inclusive construction sector by making it more appealing to women and encouraging their participation in visible roles within the industry. By addressing the gender gap and improving the industry’s gender outlook, FEMCON aims to enhance the quality of life for women in this traditionally male-dominated sector. The FEMCON INCLUSION REACH & TEACH toolkit is a comprehensive resource designed to connect VET educators with women in construction and foster collaboration with companies in the sector. The toolkit includes videos, text, and graphics that motivate women to learn more about the need for change and to take action towards achieving gender equality.

Project partners from Poland, Germany, Spain, Denmark, and Ireland have collaborated closely to conduct extensive research and identify effective methods, tools, and case studies to create this valuable learning resource.

The publication of the FEMCON INCLUSION REACH & TEACH toolkit is a significant milestone for our project,” said Mary Whitney, Future Cast the Project representative of FEMCON in Ireland. “This toolkit empowers VET educators and construction companies to develop their own Inclusion Action Plans, creating an environment conducive to positive change within the industry.

The FEMCON toolkit targets a wide audience, including VET educators, construction companies, organizations in the construction sector, and individuals involved in recruitment processes. By providing practical guidance and resources, the toolkit aims to inspire the design of equality policies and strategies at all levels of work within the European construction sector.

The toolkit is divided into four sections, each addressing crucial aspects of promoting gender equality in construction. Section one provides information and insights into the presence of women in the sector, along with relevant data and prospects from European Union countries. Section two focuses on the barriers and challenges faced by women in construction, drawing on interviews, studies, and input from women working in the sector. Section three offers guidance on creating a Gender Action Plan that can be implemented by organizations, companies, or training institutions, providing the necessary tools and knowledge to effect change. Lastly, section four features inspirational material and a good practice guide, including audiovisual and interactive resources available on the FEMCON website.

To access the FEMCON INCLUSION REACH & TEACH toolkit and learn more about the project, please visit the official FEMCON website at https://femalesinconstruction.eu/