Enhancing Water Sustainability: Eagle Street Rolls Out SMART FLOW Water Monitoring Across All Properties

Global real estate investment and asset manager, Eagle Street Partners, has announced a
nationwide roll-out with SMART FLOW, an intelligent water monitoring company.

Eagle Street Partners, a global real estate investment and asset manager, is taking a significant step towards promoting sustainable water monitoring. The company has engaged with SMART FLOW, the world’s most versatile water monitoring company, to revolutionize its water usage practices across all properties. This marks a significant step towards Eagle Street’s commitment to environmental responsibility and resource conservation.

By using SMART FLOW, known for its market-leading expertise, Eagle Street can efficiently manage and optimize water usage, Michael Purcell, Director of Asset Management at Eagle Street Partners, stated, “We came across SMART FLOW and quickly understood the benefits and capability of their team to deliver.” He continued, “The ease of viewing accurate data saves us considerable time. We can scan our assets quickly in order to spot irregularities and identify trends.”

With SMART FLOW’s innovative water monitoring solutions, Eagle Street now can efficiently manage and optimize its water usage in real-time, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach across all its properties.

Michael Purcell further noted-

“We enjoy working with the SMART FLOW team, who are always accessible and responsive. The rollout of SMART FLOW devices across a diverse range of assets in different jurisdictions required extensive coordination with all parties, including tenants and their advisors. SMART FLOW played a key role in the successful implementation.”

Dave Hogan, CEO of SMART FLOW, emphasized their dedication to promoting sustainable
water monitoring on a global scale, saying,

“Collaborating with Eagle Street is a testament to our commitment to promoting sustainable water monitoring on a global scale. Our team is dedicated to providing innovative water monitoring solutions that save water, time, and resources. Working hand-in-hand with Eagle Street, we aim to drive positive change and ensure a more water-efficient future for their commercial properties and beyond.