Ceol, Craic & Coastal Tales: Connolly Brothers’ Galway Girl Cruises Sets Sail on Galway Bay

GALWAY, Ireland – Embark on a voyage of discovery, music, and culture with Galway Girl Cruises, set to launch on Saturday, 26th August from Galway Docks. Join 3rd generation seafaring brothers, Tommy and Patrick Connolly, and experience Galway Bay in an entirely new way, together with a special lineup of musical guests.

Celebrating Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, Galway Bay’s newest boat tour offering, Galway Girl Cruises, offers more than just sightseeing; it promises passengers an immersive cultural experience. From heart pounding traditional music sessions, to engaging maritime stories passed down through generations, every moment onboard teases a glimpse into the very soul of Galway.

Patrick Connolly, Skipper and traditional boatbuilder, passionately shares, “Our tours are more than just a boat trip – they’re about sharing our cultural heritage, the stories, and the music of our ancestors. It’s a tradition, a love for the sea, that’s been passed down. Our family has always been tied to the sea, and we are honored to share this legacy and love of the ocean with others.”

Highlights of the Galway Bay Cruise include breathtaking views of recognisable landmarks including Gleninagh Castle, Black Head Lighthouse, Martello towers, and the distant Aran Islands, with live commentary. Passengers will be entertained with vibrant storytelling of Galway coast’s maritime misadventures and captivated by traditional Irish music and dance performances by the crew and a host of special guests.

Beyond just a cruise, the Connolly brothers have crafted an unforgettable 90-minute experience that resonates with the heartbeat of Ireland. From the raw beauty of the Burren to the majestic Aran Islands on the horizon, passengers are promised a journey that’s both scenic and deeply cultural.

“Travelling through the water brings a sense of venturing into the unknown,” says Tommy Connolly. “The ever-changing light, wind conditions, and potential wildlife sightings make every journey a new adventure. Be it birds, dolphins or even whales, there’s always something wondrous to see and feel.”

Come aboard, soak in the rugged beauty of Galway’s coast, and get ready for a rhythmic and soul-stirring Irish musical treat. As Tommy puts it, “the crew are used to sailing, singing and performing together, they are always up for some good craic. Join us, and you’ll see what we mean!”

On Saturday 26th August, the crew will be joined by The Devane Brothers, Patrick and Gerard, who – together with their sister Julie – are 5th generation ‘sean-nós’ (old-style) dancers and musicians from Connemara.

Secure your spot onboard for the Galway Girl Cruises launch on Saturday, 26th August and set sail on a voyage of cultural discovery in the timeless setting of Galway Bay.

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