Celebrities and independent experts on hand at rural housing event taking place in Laois

Laois, Ireland – May 16, 2024 – TV’s Hugh Wallace and other well known construction faces will be on hand to give advice and answer questions at an event aimed at people looking to get on the rural property ladder. The Irish Rural Home Summit is set to take place on Saturday, May 25th in The Midlands Park Hotel, Portlaoise.

The summit’s concept is to put a comprehensive group of rural housing experts into one venue to answer and assist anyone at any stage of the property ladder journey. From practical advice on securing grants and financing to insights on sustainable building and community development, the summit promises a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for attendees.

Attendees will gain invaluable insights from industry leaders such as Carol Tallon, CEO of Property District, Sarah Mc Nulty, RIAI Conservation Architect, and Hugh Wallace, renowned architect and TV presenter. These experts will cover critical topics, from navigating planning and financing to exploring innovative housing solutions. Kel Galavan, known as MrsMoneySmart, will share her expertise on managing finances, providing strategies to help attendees get on the property ladder with confidence and ease.

The summit will also focus on sustainability, with experts like Dr. Barry McCarron and Brian Crowley discussing the latest advancements in sustainable building to ensure rural homes are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Additionally, attendees will discover various grants, SEAI initiatives, and local authority support available for building, restoring, or upgrading rural homes.

Community building and future-proofing homes are key themes at the summit. Discussions led by John Evoy and laois-based sustainability expert, Caroline Hofman, will explore creating a thriving rural community and ensuring long-term quality of life. Innovative housing solutions will also be a highlight, with a panel discussing alternative and modular housing options aimed at broadening perspectives on affordable and sustainable living.

A masterclass on property restoration will be provided by Lisa Carolan and other experienced restorers, offering practical advice on renovating vacant or derelict properties. They will share essential tips and real-life experiences to help attendees embark on their renovation journeys with confidence. Homes and homeowners from shows like Cheap Irish Homes, The Great House Revival and Irish Home of the Year will be featured.

The Irish Rural Home Summit will take place on May 25, 2024, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Midlands Park Hotel, Portlaoise. To get your tickets, please visit www.irishruralhome.com. There is an exclusive Laois discount code Laois10 which gives €10 off with tickets starting from just €15 using the code.