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Hosted by Irish property investor/developer Gavin J Gallagher, Behind The Facade explores the often overlooked but critically important mental and emotional game governing success in real estate.

Reflecting on his own career highs and lows, Gavin and his guests take a deep dive into the behaviours and strategies essential to thriving in the property sector. In December 2021 this podcast hit Number 1 in the Irish charts under the ‘Investing’ category.

Gavin J Gallagher

Gavin J Gallagher is a veteran of the real estate sector and has bought, sold, built and managed property assets on four continents.

Today as a Director of his family business Earlsfort Group, he is responsible for their award winning office development East Point Business Park and continues to manage a substantial portfolio of office buildings located there.

In March 2020 he established his podcast Behind The Facade which has since hit number 1 in the charts for investing.

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