A New Era for Dublin: The Glass Bottle Consortium Celebrates Milestone Achievement

Dublin, July 10, 2024 — A significant construction milestone has been reached in the ambitious Glass Bottle development, set to transform the cityscape of Dublin. The consortium behind the project—comprising Lioncor, Ronan Group Real Estate (RGRE), and the renowned contractors John Sisk & Son—celebrated the topping out of two residential blocks, marking a crucial step forward in Phase 1A of the development.

A Vision for Dublin

The Glass Bottle project, which spans approximately 37.2 acres of former industrial land, aims to create a vibrant and integrated community. The development will feature a mix of private, social, affordable, and rented homes, establishing it as a quintessential “15-Minute City.” In addition to residential amenities, the site will include community spaces, flexible office spaces, an innovation hub, a hotel, a school and creche, artists’ studios, leisure facilities, retail, and parks. These facilities will be seamlessly connected to Dublin Bay via the coastal path, with excellent transportation links enhancing the accessibility of the area.

Residential Milestones

Phase 1A of the Glass Bottle development includes 570 homes across three blocks: Lime House, Glass House, and Battledore. Each block will host nearly 200 homes, ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments and townhouses, with the first completions expected by the end of 2025. Following this, Phase 1B will add 324 homes, all currently under construction, while Phase 2, now in the planning stages, proposes an additional 502 homes. This brings the total number of homes to just under 1,400, of which 894 are currently being built, significantly contributing to Dublin’s housing supply.

Sustainable and Future-Proof

Designed to align with EU Taxonomy requirements, all phases of the Glass Bottle project will exceed nearly zero energy building (NZEB) standards by at least 10%. This ensures the development qualifies as a sustainable investment, meeting the EU’s definition and criteria for Article 9 “dark green” funds. Moreover, the residential homes are undergoing sustainability certification through BREEAM, further mitigating the lifecycle environmental impacts.

An integral part of the Glass Bottle development is its inclusion in the Dublin District Heating System (DDHS). This innovative system will capture waste heat from the Dublin Waste to Energy facility, providing renewable heating to homes and businesses in Poolbeg, Ringsend, and the Docklands.

Leadership Perspectives

John Maxwell, CEO of Lioncor, praised the collaborative efforts behind the milestone: “The progress at Glass Bottle is the result of the exceptional work from our dedicated and experienced team, as well as the collaborative support from Dublin City Council. We’re witnessing the transformation of a brownfield site into something new and innovative but in keeping with the city of Dublin.”

Maxwell continued, “We are delighted to be ‘topping out’ phase one of the largest residential housing project in the city, providing much-needed new homes and contributing to solving the housing crisis. Our masterplan for Glass Bottle is to create usable and meaningful public spaces that foster connections and relationships by integrating existing communities with the new development.”

Steven McGee, COO of John Sisk & Son, echoed these sentiments: “On behalf of Sisk, I would like to congratulate the Glass Bottle Consortium for their collaboration and vision on one of Ireland’s largest residential construction projects. Our staff and supply chain partners have shown outstanding work and perseverance. We eagerly anticipate completing Phase 1A by the end of next year, creating a lasting legacy in the community.”

Rory Williams, CEO of RGRE, added: “RGRE is proud to be part of the team behind this much-needed residential development for Dublin City. The Glass Bottle site transforms a barren industrial plot into a vibrant new neighbourhood where families will find jobs, homes, and a new, more enjoyable and sustainable way of living.”

A Hub for Innovation and Employment

In addition to its residential offerings, the Glass Bottle development will integrate over 90,000 square meters of commercial, office, and enterprise space, focusing on healthcare and life sciences. The area is poised to become Dublin’s newest commercial innovation hub, creating approximately 10,000 jobs. The strategic location offers exceptional access to the Dublin Docklands’ business district and iconic cultural and leisure venues, enhancing its appeal for both residents and corporate occupiers.

A Bright Future

As Dublin continues to evolve, the Glass Bottle development stands as a strikingly visual statement of the city’s commitment to sustainable growth and community integration. The project’s emphasis on high-quality construction, innovative design, and environmental sustainability positions it as a model for future developments in Ireland and beyond.

With the first homes set to be completed by the end of 2025, the Glass Bottle Consortium is not only addressing the urgent need for housing but also creating a new urban space that promises a higher quality of life for all Dubliners. The transformation of this historic site into a modern, sustainable community marks a significant milestone in Dublin’s ongoing development journey.